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On our earberries YouTube channel you will find music videos, clips showing you our recording and production process or working together with other musicians, YouTubers and artists. We will also offer easy music tutorials for those of you who want to make their own music. So if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our channel (it’s free) and you won’t miss any new videos going live there!

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YouTube videos for all of our earberries?

Our music is primarily created to be used as background music or stylistic device in movies, YouTube videos (e.g. Tutorials, Lookbooks) or podcasts. Which is why we focus on producing a wide variety of different songs and sounds. Considering that the music production as well as the post-production is a very time consuming process, we won’t provide a music video for each of the songs in our music library. But of course, for some of the songs we record with other musicians there will occasionally be music videos on our YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

For our first video we were working together with the German actor Martin Baden who also sang two of our songs. You will find an audio sample as well as a YouTube video from the music video shoot for the song “Aye, Aye” here on our blog.

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